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There have never been more support structures and processes in place to help you develop your career throughout your training pathway. As a medical career progresses, help is sometimes needed with:

  • Doubts in early months of a new training programme
  • Unsure about a chosen pathway
  • No firm options after a recruitment round
  • Not progressing in chosen pathway
  • Changes in personal circumstances e.g. health, family
  • Thinking about resigning

In the first instance, there are a range of people at local level who are available to guide of provide advice. Our interactive Career Support Navigation Guide shows you the help available at every stage throughout your medical career at a local, advanced and HEIW level. Just click on the name of the  role in our "pyramid of support" for an explanation of who this is and what kind of query they could help with. The roles include:

Foundation Programme Directors  - who lead and co-ordinate Foundation training at local level.

School Career Leads  - consultants attached to a Specialty School with a remit for providing specific and information about that Programme. This role descriptor provides further information with regards to the School Career Lead. 

Local Faculty Leads – consultants in each Health Board with a remit for providing impartial trainee support on a range of matters including careers.

You can also arrange a confidential and impartial conversation with a member of the Careers Team.  To do so, review our information sheet / welsh information sheet and contact us to make arrangements.  If possible, complete a Request for Career Planning Meeting form / Welsh Meeting form to give us some background to your careers questions. Send this to: or bring it with you (Please note this is for Wales trainees only).

Internal Links

HEIW's Professional Support Unit

Considering Less Than Full Time (LTFT) for part of your career? See the online application process. Each training programme has an LTFT adviser who can help you explore the options.

Health for health professionals is a fully-funded, confidential counselling service for all doctors and health professionals in Wales.

Medical Undergraduate career support is available at both Cardiff and Swansea Universities.

External Links

UK Health Careers is a starting place for information on any aspect of career decision making.

BMA members can access medical careers services including individual careers guidance and career webinars.

BMJ Careers have an online library of searchable articles on many aspects of medical careers.

UK medical careers - events page.

Check the Royal College website for your specialty .

There is a growing number of independent medical career coaches. We suggest you carry out a Google search or check twitter to find options for face to face or remote career coaching.

Visual and Virtual Resources

Check our events page and twitter for realtime careers information or to find out about fairs and events.

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