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Consultants, educational supervisors and local faculty have a key role to play in supporting trainees with career thinking and decisions:

  • The GMC's "Promoting Excellence" standard (R3.2) states that trainees "must have access to careers advice and support".  Educators providing career support can also use this as evidence for GMC Recognition of Trainers, Domain 6: Guiding Personal & Professional Development
  • The Foundation Curriculum directs F1/2 doctors to "discuss how to achieve career ambitions with the educational supervisor"
  • The HEE Medical and Dental Careers Strategy (2016) states that"doctors in training go to senior colleagues clinical and educational supervisors and consultants for careers advice and these groups should be trained and supported to give appropriate advice".
  • The NHS Wales "Together we care" Framework (2017) embeds medical career, support and widening access with its action plan for future workforce development

This page provides resources, guides and tools to help you develop a well-informed picture of the current landscape of medical careers and to structure your careers conversations with trainees.  The other tabs in the Careers pages contain a range of documents, links and resources (Exploring and Planning, Jobs and Applications, Careers Guidance).

Where do you fit into the landscape of career support?  See our interactive Career Support Navigation Guide - click on a role to see who can best help with different career needs.   This short video will also help you to know the best people and resources to signpost trainees to, depending on whether they are Decided on their plan, Exploring options or Rethinking their career.

If you would like us to talk with a trainee who you think needs an impartial careers conversation, see our guide on Signposting or Referring a Trainee to Careers. They can contact us directly on and can send (optionally) some background to us on this request form.


Key reports

Careers conversation tools

  • Careers decision timeline - encourages structured reflection on past decisions: Career timeline

  • Career kitbag - helps focus on immediate decisions: Career kitbag

  • Push or pull - prompts reflection on current factors influencing career thinking: Push or pull

  • Career reflection pro forma - helps to guide students and trainees with career reflection on jobs or placements: Recording career insights

'How To' guides:

Internal (& Wales) links

External career support links

Visual and virtual resources

To see plenary talks, view presentations and workshops, visit our Conference page.


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